The Final Coutdown

So the days are getting few until I make the biggest change in my entire life. Bigger than going to college or getting a new job. Even bigger than moving to a new place. That’s right boys, I’m getting married.

July 27th marks the day I don a small metal ring around my finger to symbolize the union of two people becoming one. It’s a big deal, one that the other writers on this blog have gone through and I’m showing up to the party, fashionably late as usual.

Meghan and I have been engaged for 14 months now, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. We’ve had our great times and stressful times but they always end with us communicating very well and understanding both sides to come to a mutual agreement (mature right?). The wedding planning is crazy, but I’ve made sure that we took the time to enjoy the process as well. We often stop and say “holy crap, we’re getting married” in the midst of deciding which bows to tie onto the programs (it’s that detailed fellas…prepare your patience).

I can’t tell you how excited I am though. Lots of guys have the classic response to marriage…”you’re signing a death sentence dude” or “say goodbye to your freedom forever” but that’s not the case. How can there be death in a new life together?

Marriage is a gift of God, don’t get it confused with just some legal contract. And guess what gifts of God provide? Fruit. Not bananas and apples. Come on guys. I’m talking about blessing your relationship more than you can imagine. The focus is God first, relationship second, because that relationship with God is what fuels the latter. Keep that at the front of everything you’re doing with your girlfriend, fiancé, etc. It’s essential.

So today I’m just a dude. A bachelor on the loose. And a week from now I’ll forever be “her dude” and I couldn’t be happier about knowing that.

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