The Quest For Better Health

Today at my company’s quarterly meeting we heard from a speaker by the name of Joe Dillion. Joe is a world renowned trainer of world class athletes and has committed to educating people about healthy lifestyles. Some people might think that its ironic that the guy (me) who works for the potato chip company is listening to a fitness trainer, but what better an audience to speak to right?

He talked about some basic tips that can help us to be more healthy and also touched on why Americans are so un-healthy. His message was simple…human genetics haven’t changed since creation and while we as a species were hunter gatherer societies we were our most healthy. There was no heart disease, stroke, cancer or diabetes. It just didn’t exist. So without repeating the hour long presentation, here’s what you can do to become healthier:

1. Eat a higher protein diet. A portion of protein with every meal (meaning chicken, fish, whey isolate, etc.) the size of your fist will help you exponentially.

2. Eat less carbs and focus on slow burning carbs. Slow burning carbs meaning veggies and fruits while keeping whole grains to a minimum (not totally eliminating them, just being more mindful of them.

3. Drink more water. How much though? Take your body weight, divide by 2 and equate that to ounces…then drink up.

4. Exercise!

Simple right? It really is. And it’s information that us guys here at MCM follow pretty close (Jason is a trainer him self with multiple certifications and can vouch for this).

Here’s to feeling better!


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One Response to The Quest For Better Health

  1. Every day i see people in the hospital with diseases that are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. People need to stop smoking, eating too much and exercise more!

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