Friday Quick Tip

Warm-up first. Too many people think they need to stretch before they workout. The NSCA recommends doing a warm-up first. This allows your muscles to become more elastic and stretching more effective. If you plain on lifting don’t bother with the stretch at all. Stretching can lead to micro-tears in the muscle fiber. This isn’t terribly important for an endurance workout, but sprint work and lifting will further tear your muscle, (that’s actually how muscle grows, it tears and rebuilds bigger) which can lead to injury.


About Jason Vogel

Why hello there! My name is Jason vogel and I am a team member here at Modern Christian Man. I am a 23 year old graduate of the Ohio State University. I am fortunate enough to have earned a degree in Exercise Science from the aforementioned university and am putting it to good use as a personal trainer in Westerville, OH. I work for a small training studio with a Christian owner, allowing me to train in a way that glorifies both God, and the talents he blessed me with. God has given me a passion for fitness, and I intend to use it to His glory.
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