Paleo and Faith

For a long time I have thought about the significance between what our bodies and minds where created to do vs. what we do with them. I remember when I was in college I read about how humans used to be hunters and gatherers who would forage for food and eat as they found it. Modern science has backed this up from they way we run to the way our bodies react to food. I used to think that meant 6 small meals a day. If I ate like that the thought was I would for sure be utilizing my body to its full potential because I will mimic a hunter, eating as he goes.  I have now seen another side that takes nutrition to the next level and relies on the way God made us to eat.

The summary is this, humans where made to eat natural God-given foods. When we eat that way, there is no tolerance for obesity because it is hard to consume too many calories of a nutrient rich high fiber diet. Where we have gone astray is in all the processed foods and additives we put in our body. That stuff is not meant to go in our bodies and can create disease and an abundance of excess empty calories. Before I go any further, let me point you to a website that will help you understand the scope of this. Mark’s Daily Apple. I will not do it justice to explain the ins and outs of how this works but Mark Sisson will.

So you should be asking yourself how this ties in with faith. I think that Christians on the whole are a people who tend not to celebrate the kingdom on earth. I think that a lot of Jesus’ followers are a big reason more people do not give Him a chance. In fact, for the most part, I don’t like being around other Christians too much and I know a lot of people who feel the same way; believers and non-believers. I know its crazy but its the way I feel and I am not alone. I want to change that; I want to be different than that. I think that when your life reflects what you believe, people see it as different and want to know why. I have seen this countless times in my life. With that being said, this is a perfect way to worship God and appreciate the gift He gives you in a body. This will reflect in the rest of your life because disciplines are contagious. There is also a level of passion that it takes to embark on something like this. Passion is another of God’s gifts that is contagious. When you have passion in your life and you bring sacrifice, all of a sudden you realize how beautiful each and every day is, because it is a gift. You will see God in a new way and His words will jump off the page.

I do not want to be a people of rule-followers and wet noodles. It is time we stand up as men and women of God and take every day like it is our last. Let the same passion you have in Christ bleed into your very being, or let the passion you have for life bleed into your relationship with God. If you are looking for a place to start, look in the mirror and find your roots. You were made in His image, it’s about time, as a people, we start acting like it.


About Nic

I am happy to able to bring you Modern Christian Man with my team. We have been friends since middle and elementary school and we are all different in a good way. I live in Chicago and work in the finance realm. I have a passion for the relevant and for the truth, I hope that comes out in the work we are doing here.
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One Response to Paleo and Faith

  1. Jason Vogel says:


    I am glad your found that website useful! Mark is a very intelligent writer. Mark advocates a diet free of not only processed foods, but grains. He believes grains contain chemicals and toxins that hurt our bodies. Furthermore he advocates a moderate carbohydrate consumption of 150 g or less a day. This diet plan is great and will work for many, but not everyone. I think grains realistically can’t be cut out completely for those on a budget, as they are cheap calories. However, Mark’s 150g of carbohydrate rule is one that will drastically improve the average Joe’s health.

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