Matthew 5:21-48

This is a long passage so I’ll spare the megabytes. To most people this just looks like a lot of rules…and it is on the surface. But, what’s going on here really? Jesus is teaching people on some of the most prevalent issues in Jerusalem at the time. It was a land that needed a savior and needed direction badly. Let’s focus on a section on this for a second though: 5:43-48

It speaks of loving your enemies. Crazy right? Greeting others is not enough and just to be cordial. Do you have someone who you aren’t very fond of or vice versa? Show them love and see what happens. Jesus wants us to love those who hate us. The overarching theme in the book of Matthew is love. The beatitudes, these teaching passages, and the death and resurrection of Christ, all love. Show love to those you may not care for and remember that perfection is always the goal (5:48) and that Christ loves no matter how much people resent Him.

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