Free Video Converter (mp4, mov, wmv, avi ect.)

After making a video and trying to get it in the right format I have finally found a good group of software to download for free! Thats right free and completely legal.

The first is Handbrake, it converts just about anything into an mp4 or mpeg that you can manipulate and edit with imovie or whatever software you use on Windows.

The second is Leawo. This has a free version at the bottom of the page that can convert common video into just about anything. The value of the paid version is that it can convert for tablets and iphone/ipods. The free version is easy to use with no water marks and perfect for the weekend warrior.

Let me know what you think or if there is any other tech news you would like to hear about.


About Nic

I am happy to able to bring you Modern Christian Man with my team. We have been friends since middle and elementary school and we are all different in a good way. I live in Chicago and work in the finance realm. I have a passion for the relevant and for the truth, I hope that comes out in the work we are doing here.
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