Matthew 1:18-25

The second half of Matthew chapter 1 describes the virgin birth of Jesus Christ to Mary and Joseph. If we look at these few verses we see the differences between reactions of Mary and Joseph. Mary is visited by the Holy Spirit and and told that she was pregnant with the Son of God. That’s pretty straight forward to be told “this is how it is” by the Holy Spirit. Joseph had a very different reaction though. Immediately he believed that Mary had been unfaithful to him and wanted to divorce her. Joseph only dreamed a dream where he was told that he need not be afraid to take Mary as his wife and that the child was of the Holy Spirit.

Imagine being in Joseph’s shoes for a minute though. This guy was as simple of a man as they come. Yet, he was chosen to be the father of the Son of God. And what’s more…it wasn’t even of his flesh! I’m sure question number one was “Why me Lord?” That would absolutely be mine. Even though we don’t know much about Joseph, we do know this: He was obedient to the Holy Spirit with very little information. You think your faith and obedience is strong? There was no commentary around Joseph saying “Well couldn’t you pick someone else? I have so much work to get done and I really didn’t plan on having a son yet.” He just did as he was told and raised Jesus as his own son.

How many times are we being spoken to by God and we simply let those words slide off our back and say “not now God” or “can you give me more time/information”? We often don’t want our plans interrupted, but that’s when we need to step back and realize that it’s not about our plans. There is a greater plan for our lives. And following this plan will continue to bless us in so many ways.  Take a minute to spend some time listening to what God has planned for you and actually listen for once. Then go out…and do it.


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