Irreplaceable Opportunities

In lieu of the final Harry Potter movie being released in the next few weeks, I thought that I would re-read the seventh book in anticipation.  As I was reading, I noticed something that I had overlooked in my previous readings.  In the second chapter of Deathly Hallows, Harry is reading Dumbledore’s obituary.  After he finishes, he says that he never once realized how little he knew about Dumbledore.  He recalls all of the times that Dumbledore poured into him and devoted much of his time to Harry’s well-being, but nothing about him learning about Dumbledore.

Harry goes on to have a very profound thought.  It says “he had missed irreplaceable opportunities when he had failed to ask Dumbledore more about himself.”  For all of us who spent the past 13 years reading and re-reading these books, we know that Dumbledore was an extraordinary figure.  It is only after he dies, that Harry realizes what he could have learned from him.  The comic relief of this chapter comes when Harry comes to the conclusion that he assumed that Dumbledore came out of the womb as a wise teacher.

In reading, I quickly thought of how we do this with God.  When we accept Christ, our entire life is changed.  We begin this relationship with Him, and we more than likely picture Him as Harry pictures Dumbledore; a wise teacher.  From this point, we begin to focus on ourselves.  We start to focus on how we can grow, or how we can love others, or how we can beat sin.  How often do we try to figure out more about God?  I mean, we are going to spend eternity with Him right?

We spend our entire lives on this earth thinking about ourselves and how we need to change.  This is a great thought and something that should not be overlooked, but we are missing something completely.

Have you ever been silent?  Have you ever tried to figure out who God is or what He is like?  Or are you too focused on trying to figure how God can change you?  We are missing “irreplaceable opportunities” while on this earth.  If we have the ability to learn more about the Lord while on earth, then why aren’t we doing it?

We definitely see glimpses of the Lord AS he works through us.  If we claim to love the Lord, then why are we so worried about other things of this world?  It is a give and take relationship with the Lord.  We need to stop taking and start giving him some attention.  It seems that like to do things in reverse order; we try to see God as he works through us, rather than seeing God so that he can work through us.

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One Response to Irreplaceable Opportunities

  1. Nic Shumaker says:

    This is a great reflection. I have never read the HP books and I think I only saw the first movie at your house Billy but this concept is very true. Its hard to understand exactly what oppurtunities you have until they no longer exist. I think this is what makes old men so wise, they have lost so much in their life, they understand just how important 10 min. on a porch swing is. This is even more important in a world where we are never without the phone or computer. Next time you are with your friends and go to text, think about how precious those moments are. One day you might wake up and realize that you don’t get to talk to the person you used to spend so much time with. I know that one day I will realize just how little time we had on this earth.

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