Just wanted to give everyone a quick look at what I’m all about and say hello! My name is Michael Bull and I am a Marketing Specialist with Shearer’s Foods, North America’s largest producer of kettle cooked potato chips. Anyone hungry? I love what I do and feel blessed to be working for such a great company with such great people around me.

Originally from Columbus, OH, I now live in the quiet rural town of North Canton, OH about 120 miles north. I’m engaged to my fiance, Meghan, and set to be married in July 2012. I’m also a huge sports fan and former college football player. Basically, if it has to do with sports in general, I’m a fan of it! I also play guitar and sing in a local band and have been blessed to be able to play with many bands I have listened to since high school. In saying that, I’ll be sharing some thoughts around current sporting events, music, business/marketing strategy in todays world and also lending insights on other topics posted by the rest of the team.

The fellowship I’ve shared with the other members of this group is tremendous. We have spent the last 11-12 years growing up together into the men we have become today. Our goal is simple, provide you, the Modern Christian Man, with a community where iron sharpens iron and we can all continue to grow together in Christ.


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