Final Introduction

Hello everyone! As usual, I have procrastinated and I am the last one to introduce myself. My name is Billy Hite and I work at a small non-profit called the Ohio College Access Network. I will go into detail about what our organization does at a later time, seeing as how no one has ever heard of it before. But, enough of that.

I am married to Maggie Hite and we live in Upper Arlington with no kids or pets.

I am extremely excited to take part in this project and even more excited to see how the Lord uses it. I will be bringing a variety of things to the table such as marriage, work, sports, harry potter and more.

I hope that this can be a tool for anyone who stumbles upon it and that our love for Christ is evident.

“We must invite the Cross to do its deadly work within before we can be free.” – AW Tozer


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