God Particle

by Mark Evans

There was a discovery in April that the infamous Higgs boson was not seen as previously thought. A study by the Chicago Fermilab, the report stated that there was no conclusive evidence that the “God particle” exists. This is a big hit to the existence of the said particle all together.

The importance of this topic will lead into your understanding of the origin of the Higgs boson nickname. This theoretical particle is the only Standard Model particle from the Big Bang theory that has not been observed. The “God particle” is overestimated as the answer to how something came from nothing. There are still unanswered questions as to the origin of the Universe if this Higgs boson is found. The importance of this topic, however, is not overestimated. An argument for the existence of God starts with your assumption of the origin on all matter and space as we know it. Without an understanding of this momentous occasion, you can not make an educated assessment to the origin life. Without an intellectual assessment to the origin of life, there are no grounds for discussion as to whether or not there is a God. I could go further, but the point remains; where does the evidence point? Can you grasp that an absence of all matter could give birth to an infinitely dense, infinitely
hot point that exploded and gave life to the world you see today, or was there an entity that set it all in motion, methodically and with a plan?


About Nic

I am happy to able to bring you Modern Christian Man with my team. We have been friends since middle and elementary school and we are all different in a good way. I live in Chicago and work in the finance realm. I have a passion for the relevant and for the truth, I hope that comes out in the work we are doing here.
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2 Responses to God Particle

  1. aj johns says:


    Hey dude, i stumbled onto this blog. I dont fully understand this Higgs Boson or God Particle that you speak of. Can you post a summary in your words what you think those things are? Thanks brohan. Hope Chicago is good,

    AJ Johns

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